Evidences of a Young Earth

Article with several good examples.

I would like to compile all the evidences cited in the Young Earth Creationist literature.

Include the Biblical evidence as well.

  1. Helium in Radioactive Rocks. You Tube
  2. Geology: Carbon-14 in Diamonds and coal
  3. Astronomy: Recession of the moon
    • The moon is currently moving away from the earth at approximately 4 cm a year due to tidal affect between the moon and earth.  Knowing that as the distance between the moon and earth changes the rate of change will also change, we can use a little Calculus to determine how close the moon was in the past.  Based on those calculations one can determined that 1.37 billion years ago the earth and moon would have actually been touching — which or course is absurd.  So, based on uniformitarianism the moon has to be younger than one billion years.  However, evolutionary theory says the moon is 4.5 billion years old.
    • Of course, a young age of 6,000 years old is not a problem.  During that time the moon would have drifted less than 1 km away.
  4. Earth’s decaying magnetic field.  The magnetic field of the earth is decaying quickly.  Based on the rate of decay, the maximum age of the earth’s magnetic field is about 8,700 years.  
  5. Soft tissue that is millions of years old?? http://www.icr.org/article/8059/

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