Case for Theism

The universe and all that it contained must have a beginning or it must be eternal.

  1. The eternality of the universe is not a reasonable conclusion because entropy demonstrates that the universe is winding down, that is, energy is moving toward a state of inert uniformity. The amount of energy in the universe is not infinite. So, an infinite degradation of energy would have already brought it to that state of inert uniformity.
  2. Thus, the other option — namely, that the universe had a beginning — is the reasonable conclusion.

Since the universe had a beginning, there must have been a cause outside of the universe of time/space/matter/energy for which the universe is an effect.

The cause could have been another previously existing natural object. However, based on entropy (see above) there could not have been an infinite sequence of these objects. Thus, there must be an original un-caused cause that began the process.

The original, un-caused cause that exists outside of any natural universe will hereby be defined as God.