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From Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, “According to Mammal Species of the World, 3rd Edition (Wilson and Reeder 2005), the most recent authoritative published checklist of modern mammal species, there are 5,416 different species of mammals.”

List of Mammal Species:

Another Resource: Mammal Society

  • 267 rodents (Order: Rodentia)
  • 22 rabbits (Order: Lagomorpha)
  • 27 whales/dophins (Order: Cetacea) — would not have been on Ark
  • 78 bats (Order: Chiroptera)

A great source for the Mammalian Ark Kinds is Jean K. Lightner’s paper “Mammalian Ark Kinds” that includes an appendix with a proposed list of Mammalian kinds that may have been on the ark.

Mammalian Ark Kinds, by Jean Lightner
Appendix with list

As with the other classes, we only know that a representative pair from each kind was on the ark, not the specific species. Also, such lists are based on a man-made taxonomy which is in continual flux. In addition, the man-made taxonomy is often adjusted to support the evolutionary model and the assumption of evolution can lead such researchers to flaws in the classifications. Lightner’s study concluded there are approximately 137 extant mammalian kinds. Another couple hundred more distinct mammals that are not extinct have been found in the fossil record. Many of these may represent additional “kinds.” If all are kinds there could be up to 350 mammalian kinds.

(I would like to identify how many of these would be considered “clean” so could determine a number of specimens that would have been on the Ark)

This list is from Jean Lightner’s excellent article above and is here for my personal study purposes. Read her article for details of each kind.

ORDER Monotremata
Tachyglossidae: Echidna kind
(e.g., spiny anteaters)
Ornithorhynchidae: Platypus kind
Order Didelphimorphia
Didelphidae (Opossum kind)
Order Paucituberculata
Caenolestidae (Shrew-opossum kind)
Order Microbiotheria
Microbiotheriidae (Little-monkey opossum kind)
Order Notoryctemorphia
Notoryctemorphia (Marsupial mole kind)
Order Dasyuromorphia
Thylacinus cynocephalus (Tasmanian wolf kind)
Myrmecobiidae (Banded anteater kind)
Dasyuridae (Marsupial mouse kind)
20 genera, 69 species
Order Peramelemorphia
Bandicoot kind
Order Diprotodontia
Phascolarctidae (Koala kind)
Vombatidae (Wombat kind)
Burramyidae (Pygmy possum kind)
Phalangeridae (Possum kind)
Pseudocheiridae (Ring-tailed/Greater gliding possum kind)
Petauridae (Gliding and striped possum kind)
Tarsipedidae (Honey possum kind)
Acrobatidae (Feather-tailed possum kind)
Hypsiprymnodontidae (Musky rat-kangaroo kind)
Potoroidae (Rat kangaroo kind)
Macropodidae (Kangaroo kind)
End Marsupials
Order Afrosoricida
Tenrecidae (Tenrec kind)
Chrysochloridae (Golden mole kind)
Order Macroscedlidea
Macroscelididae (Elephant shrew kind)
Order Tubulidentata
Orycteropodidae (Aardvark kind)
Order Hyracoidea
Procaviidae (Hyrax kind)
Order Proboscidea
Elephantidae (Elephant kind)
Order Cingulata
Dasypodidae (Armadillo kind)
Order Pilosa
Suborder Folivora (Sloth kind)
Suborder Vermilingua (Anteater kind)
Order Scandentia
(Tree Shrew kind)
Order Dermoptera
Cynocephalidae (Colugo kind)
Order Primates
Cheirogaleidae (Dwarf/mouse lemur kind)
Lemuridae (Tree lemur kind)
Lepilemuridae (Sportive Lemur kind)
Indriidae (Indri/Sifaka/Woolly Lemur kind)
Order Erinaceomorpha
Erinaceinae (Hedgehog kind)
Galericinae (Gymnure kind)
  • Order Notoryctemorphia
    • Notoryctemorphia (Marsupial mole kind)
  • To Be Continued

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