Answering the Critics

Collection of questions from Creationist critics with answers.  I intend to use these to save time when responding to social media posts.  Over time, I hope to improve the quality of the answers as well.

1) It didn’t happen as the mixing of salt water and fresh water would kill off the sea dwelling species

Fresh water would exist in pockets of the salt water (it is less dense and would stay on top of the salt for a little while).  And since only breeding pair of each kind would have been needed to propagate after the flood, one would only need small pockets of relatively fresh water to survive in areas where they could resettle into lakes after the flood.

Also, it is known that the salinity of the oceans increases each year. Thus, at the time of the flood the oceans were much less than salty than today. 

2) It’s been proven historically wrong, and other cultures have similar myths

No, it hasn’t been “historically disproved.”  The flood myths are actually evidence that such a flood did happen in the past.  Each culture knew of the event as they spread across the globe.  Interestingly, the boats in the other flood myths are known to be unstable and incapable of surviving in a massive flood/storm while the dimensions of the Ark have been shown to be just right for such a voyage.

3) There wouldn’t be enough biodiversity because of the amount of animals taken on board

What evidence do you have of that?  Obviously, the genetics of those animals would have been much stronger before the flood than after.  Interestingly enough, this is one of the strong evidences of a young earth.  Modern genetics show how that mutation rates in most animals as well as humans indicate that survival over thousands/millions of generations is highly improbable.

4) flooding the world would cause ecological destruction thus all animals would be living in flooded wasteland

Based on what?  Yes, plants/trees would have been ripped out of the ground but during the months after the waters receded while Noah and the animals were on the ark many plants would have already started growing and insects and some fish would have started propagating.  So, the few thousand animals on the ark would have had something to eat.  In addition, based on the space available on the Ark, additional food may have been carried on board to provide sustenance for the first few months.

5) The ark would freeze its inhabitants as the waters supposedly reached the tallest mountains

How do you know those highest peaks existed during the height of the flood?  The geological upheaval during the flood (which included extreme vulcanism) is likely to have pushed up the mountain ranges.  The usual argument though is that it may have too hot on the Ark with all those animals.  So, a cooler outdoor temperature actually helps with that problem.

6) Not even our largest ships can contain that many animals

Sure, they could.  The calculations in the video show that sufficient volume is nowhere near the biggest problem on the Ark.

7) Noah and his family would be reproducing incestuously because of the flood killing off the entire human race

Noah’s grandchildren would have married cousins.  But, because of the stronger gene pool (see #3) would have greatly reduced the risks of the deformities from such relationships.  It wasn’t for several hundred years later when the gene pool would have declined that God banned such practices.

8) Natural selection creating variety of animals from Ark kinds to the diversity we have today, but don’t believe Evolution.

Difference between Natural Selection and Evolution.

9) Elephants on the Ark.

  • Baby elephants eat 200-300 lbs of food a day, adults around 450lbs.  In “African Journal of Ecology” by P.A. Rees, it was found that elephants can do well on as little as 30kg/day.  In addition, diets can be changed to grain diets and/or pelleted version of hay that greatly reduces the bulk of hay.  Volume requirements fo the dietary needs of herbivores (elephants, horses, cattle, etc.) could have been reduced by 80-90% (even if assume only rudimentary technology was available).   4.5 lbs of wheat cake a day can be used to keep elephants alive (although not particularly healthy).  Info from Feasibility Study chapter.

A pair of dogs/wolves on Noah’s Ark couldn’t have produced all dog varieties today?

Article on biology dependent on evolution.

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